Antalya Mayor presented the final draft of the project Boachay

Venice canal project «Boachay»  is one of the most anticipated and prestigious projects in Antalya. Its implementation plan is to expand and deepen the estuary Boachay, construction of the harbor and marina, as well as the expansion and renovation of the beach area in the most attractive for foreigners district Konyaalti. Development of the project began in 2008, but due to the re-election of the mayor of the city had been frozen for some time. Now, when the Menderes Tyurel again took post, the project is being talked about with the hopes of its speedy implementation.

Finally, December 1 «Crazy Project» Boachay (as it is called in the media for boldness and breadth) was presented to the public in the report of mayor Menderes Tyurel. The meeting was attended by the head of the district administration Konyaalti Muhittin Bedzhek, representatives of chambers of commerce and associations, businessmen, managers of organizations and citizens. Menderes Tyurel pleased the audience with their enthusiasm for further work: «If any higher power told me — we will carry out the project, only put your signature on the blank sheet of paper — with closed eyes would sign everything you need, only to realize project to life. »

The meeting was presented the video of the current state of Project, report of consultant professor Zuhuri Sarikaya about the team and technical research, the presentation of the hydrogeology engineer  Ozguray Aydin, the report of hydraulic calculations and stream reclamation, information on land cover in the area, etc. Many speakers underscored the undeniable contribution which will make the development of this project in Antalya.

Particular attention of the audience was drawn to the need to solve the problems of underground infrastructure in this area in order to prevent floods and landslides, have experienced in the past. The development priority is the issue of prevention of any risks associated with the already weathered natural disasters.

In addition, the project will provide a large number of jobs to citizens in the process of work, and at the end (administration predicted up to 10 thousand workplace).

Upon completion of the construction residents will enjoy a comfortable quay with length of over 40 km with all the facilities and infrastructure, as well as the harbor with a marina and luxury yacht club. Throughout the project area will be closed for traffic, making the air is more pure, and staying healthier and more enjoyable.

Boachay project approved and signed by the representative of international architectural and design projects in the USA Perkins Will, founded in 1935 and available in the state of more than 1,500 architects. Perkins Will company representative in Turkey and the Middle East, David Green, called  Boachay «Pearl of the South Coast» and expressed confidence that it will connect all the natural beauty of Antalya.

Start of work on the project is scheduled for the first months of 2016. Work will be performed in stages.

The project has already brought to the city budget a substantial investment. The attention of global investors can not escape from such a large building that makes a significant contribution to the growth in the world’s image of Antalya real estate markets. Many of the major developers of Antalya, who built residential complexes near the canal Boachay refuse to expose part of the apartments for sale, expecting a significant increase in property prices in Konyaalti after completing “Boachay”.