The new Teleferik in Antalya

In Antalya the project of new teleferik construction connecting Sarisu district (Konyaalti) with the top of the mountain Tyunektepe (which is now a restaurant with a viewing platform) is getting to the end. The project has already been invested 13 million liras.

The head of the city administration Tyurel in the last report noted that details of construction are being designed by one of the American architects. For the first time in the report photos of the project have been published.

The planned capacity of the teleferik will be about 1,200 people per hour in one direction. The length of the line from the lower to the upper station is 604 meters, total length is 1685 meters. The visitors will be carried by gondolas for up to 8 people traveling with a break of 6-8 minutes. On top Tyunektepe excursion playground, cafe, viewing platforms, stands selling national products, playground, recreation areas and more are going to be opened.