From now on, a foreign citizen has the right to bring your car to Turkey for 2 years.
In addition to the documents for the car and driver’s licenses Customs check how many days the owner of the car was out of Turkey in the previous year. For to bring the car for 2 years, you have to spend abroad of Turkey for at least 185 days in all of the previous year. So it means that 180 days (or less) you can live in Turkey, and 185 (or more) — abroad.
Also, the car should be issued an insurance pole. It is possible to issue international insurance pole at home, but you can do it at the border also.
If you brought the car in Turkey for 2 years, while they themselves are away from the country, the car can remain on the territory of Turkey, and without you, but you need to notify customs about where it will stand, and for how long you are going to leave the country.
On the territory of Turkey a foreign car can only be used by its owner. Another person may ride on it by proxy.