The largest convention center in Europe built in Antalya
Antalya in April will host an exhibition of world significance Expo with the theme «Children and flowers.» The project with an investment of 1.6 billion Turkish liras takes 1120 acres of the city. The built under the project: Expo Tower, Expo Pond, Childhood Island, an amphitheater, a museum of agriculture and biology are build under the project. Over 25 000 trees are planted in the exhibition. Among other things, the Expo will present one of the largest convention centers.
It will be the largest in Turkey and will enter the top three in Europe. The center will be able to take 6500 people. Ttere are 12 salons will be built total in the center. Chief among them is designed for 5 000 people. Two saloons will be for seminars and can accommodate a 500 and 750 people. The rest of saloons are designed for 40 people.