If you are planning a vacation in Antalya in the season, you need to know about the new card system of payment of public transport.
From now on you can pay only by card, drivers do not take the money.
The card can be purchased directly on the bus. A choice of cardboard and plastic cards. If you want a very short vacation in Antalya, it makes sense to buy a cardboard card. It costs 5 YTL, 80 kuruş you pay for the card, and 4.20 liras used for fare payment. Add this card can only be 10 lira and only 5 times. Then the card becomes invalid.
If you going to stay in Antalya for a long time, you should buy a plastic, a permanent card. It costs 10 lira, of which 5 lire — card price, 5 lire — money for travel expenses.
This card can be used to replenish constantly and on a large amount.
Public transport of Antalya costs 2 lira 10 kuruş.
Add travel cards possible at stops where there are special devices to supplement or on the Internet at — http://online.antalyakart.com.tr/#/