Antalya star period began: the international exhibition Expo 2016 «Flowers and Children» is open for visitors from 22 April! As eyewitnesses say, the opening was impressive. The ceremony was attended by the country’s leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
In Ekpo 1.8 billion YTL were invested. At least 5 million foreign and domestic visitors is expected.
Expo 2016 will be held for six months. Each day dozens of events planned. Its childhood culture will represent more than 50 countries.
On the territory of the Botanical Garden, 600, 000 meters, visitors can see the flowers and trees all over the world.
After the Expo exhibition «Flowers of the World», as well as the Museum of Biology, a huge congress center, a research center for children and space simulator will continue their work.
As part of the Expo 2016 will be held concerts of world stars!
May 5 — Maroon
May 20 — Tarkan
May 24 — Muse
June 6 — Simply Red
June 14 — Status Quo
July 5 — Deep Purple
August 2 — Sean Paul
August 8 — Sting
Determined tour dates Jennifer Lopez ve Selena Gomez
Summer will not be boring! Hurry to book an apartment for rent in Antalya on the hot season!