Every year the number of families moved to Turkey for permanent stay is growing. Then sooner or later they have a desire or need to purchase their own car for more comfortable life. In the article below we give information concerning selection, purchase, registration, and management costs of the car in Turkey.


Foreigner in Turkey needs a residence permit to buy a vehicle. The car can be purchased in different ways, depending on the means and capabilities:

— The official dealer showrooms. Turkey is producing licensed cars of many brands. In Antalya you can visit dealer showrooms of such brands as Opel, Toyota, Fiat, Mercedes, Renault, Honda, Ford, Hyundai and so on. The quality of these cars is very good. In showroom there can not be a model of desired configuration. In this case you make the order, leave a small pre-payment and need to wait approximately a month. If the selected model is available in a few days you become its owner.

— The so-called galleries (car sales salons). Here you can buy both new and used car. In every salon you can take the test drive. All documents for the sale is necessary to issue a notary. When purchasing a used car be sure to check for accidents, overdue fines and unpaid taxes.

— The used car market. Used cars of various models and price categories can be found on special websites on the Internet or an open car market. Purchasing the car in this wayit is desirable to take the help of a friend living in Turkey and versed in this matter.

— «Taxfree» purchase. The cost of taxfree purchase is much lower. Take advantage of such kind of purchases can only foreigners with a residence permit and a work visa.

Car sales companies and salons usually take care of all the preparation of documents on behalf of the buyer. You will only need to translate and notarize your passport and make a notarized power of attorney to representative. Within a few days all the documents are ready. At the appointed time, the traffic police will register the car in your name and give number.


The price of any vehicles in Turkey is higher due to taxes: VAT (KDV- 18% of the cost) and luxury tax (OTV). Luxury tax depends on engine capacity:

— Less than 1.6 liters — 37%

— From 1.6 to 2 liters — 80%

— More than 2 liters — 130%

Then you need to issue car insurance policy. In dealer showrooms it may be already included in the price. Without insurance you can not register the car. The cost of insurance is not fixed, so by self-registration we advise you to get to know the price in the different insurance companies. Optionally, you can also arrange a contract of hull insurance.

Every year, car owners are required to pay vehicle tax. Its amount depends on the age of the car and the engine capacity. The tax is paid in two stages: in January the first installment, in July — the second. From 1 January 2016 the tax rate increased, new tariffs in lire are given in the following table:

Engine capacity, sm3 Car age (years) / Annual tax amount (lire)
1 — 3 4 — 6 7 — 11 12 — 15 16 and above
 1300 sm³ and under 623,00 434,00 243,00 184,00 66,00
 1301 — 1600 sm³ 997,00 748,00 434,00 307,00 118,00
 1601 — 1800 sm³ 1.760,00 1.376,00 810,00 495,00 192,00
 1801 — 2000 sm³ 2.772,00 2.136,00 1.255,00 748,00 295,00
 2001 — 2500 sm³ 4.158,00 3.019,00 1.886,00 1.127,00 446,00
 2501 — 3000 sm³ 5.797,00 5.043,00 3.151,00 1.696,00 623,00
 3001 — 3500 sm³ 8.828,00 7.943,00 4.785,00 2.389,00 877,00
 3501 – 4000 sm³ 13.880,00 11.985,00 7.059,00 3.151,00 1.255,00
 4001 см³ and above 22.716,00 17.035,00 10.089,00 4.535,00 1.760,00


Each car in Turkey must pass technical inspection and exhaust emissions control every 2 years. You can register for inspection on the internet site tuvturk.com.tr. The cost of the car for 2016 191 lira. Before checkup is necessary to solve all problems, check the terms of car insurance, unpaid fines or taxes, to prepare a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, emergency sign.

Another significant cost item in the presence of your own car is the fuel. Petrol in Turkey is one of the most expensive. Diesel fuel is cheaper and more economical, respectively, diesel cars are more expensive.


You can come to Turkey with your own car for a term not exceeding 2 years. Then you need to take a car out of the country and a subsequent entry will be possible not earlier than six months.

For a longer stay you need a car to get through customs. But the cost of duties at the customs clearance is 100%. Cars older than 3 years are not aalowed to pass the customs.

If along with the residence permit you have permission to work in Turkey, the car can import without customs clearance on the validity of a work visa. In the Ministry of Transport you need to pay a deposit which will be refunded when exporting car.


Under the new law on the territory of Turkey international driving license is valid not more than 6 months. If you are planning to reside in Turkey for a longer time, it is best to get the Turkish driving license.

International driving license can be changed to Turkish without an examination, you just need to collect the necessary documents: the original and a notarized translation of driving license, original and copy of the passport, the card of residence permit, a medical certificate (from any hospital), the result of a blood test to determine the blood group, certificate from the Department of Justice on criminal records in Turkey, 4 pictures. You will also need to be fingerprinted, pay the fee and fill out an application. Then you need to wait. Local police issued a request to the Interior Ministry of your country at the place of issue of the driving license.  Period of response waiting can be from 4 months to a year.

You can also get a Turkish driving license from scratch, having been trained in a driving school and passing exams. In this case you need preferably at least average knowledge of the Turkish language. Some driving schools offer foreign interpreter for the training and passing the theoretical part, the cost of such services to be recognized directly in the school. The price of study varies between 1000-2000 pounds.

AZPO employees always help its customers to buy a new or used car without extra costs and nerves. This service is part of the post-sale service package designed by AZPO.