September 1  Turkish-Russian Media Forum was held in Antalya.
The forum addressed Mayor Menderes Turel. The mayor talked about tourism development and security of Antalya.

According to the Turel, during the period when the world tourism grew over 11%, Antalya rating increased by 40%.
«Our city is constantly being updated and developed. In recent years, the most important international events were held here, such as the NATO summit and the G-20 summit. The whole season running large-scale exhibition Expo 2016. The hosts concerts of world stars such as Elton John, Enrique Iglesias, of Maroon 5.
In the autumn will be held the annual international festival of music and the piano festival «- said the mayor of the city.
Turel noted that the 640 km of the sea on the coastline of Antalya region does not get a single drop of waste water.
«Tourists who come to Antalya every year, each time met with a changed and improved the city. We continue to work in this direction. Now the forces are aimed at creating a large database for movie studios, the project Boachay River. We are confident that the base will be an important place for the world film industry. You can say that Antalya has no competitors. Service, quality of life and the level of prices of Antalya is difficult to find anywhere else. Antalya is irreplaceable. »
On safety in the city mayor said: «The security threat can be anywhere in the world all watched the sad events that took place in France, Germany and Belgium Neither. Manager of the city or the country today can not give a 100% guarantee that on its territory nothing bad will happen. So we have to look at this issue from a different perspective. This year  in Antalya several major international events passed, about which I spoke a little earlier. The G-20 summit was attended by the head of the largest states. At the Expo  international stars stand. These events take place in the cities of the low percentage of risk. If up to this point in Antalya nothing has happened, we can say the high level of security of the city.