The Mediterranian Meeting of World Tourism Forum opened in Antalya on December 10.

The representatives of Turkish and foreign travel agencies, investors from different countries and policies were welcomed by the Mayor of Antalya Menderes Tyurel.

In his speech, he stressed that Antalya in 2015 has experienced a lot of pleasant and significant events. In Canada, in the Flower City competition Antalya was ranked first. Last month, the city adopted a summit of world leaders, the festival of piano music with concerts of pianists from around the world, hosted the annual film festival with the participation of world stars like Catherine Deneuve, Jeremy Irons, Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero.

Regarding plans for next year Menderes stressed the importance of botanical exhibition EXPO for the development of environmental programs. Menderes noted that ecologically Antalya is developing very rapidly. In particular, Antalya residents began to use electric cars. In the near future the city will increase the number of such vehicles charging points. In Antalya, more than 200 beaches with blue flag and it also demonstrates the attitude of the mayor’s office to the protection of the environment.

In Antalya numerous projects supporting tourism are developing: a large cruise port, Venetian Canal «Boachay» and the marina, a new large amusement park, a new museum in the city center, restoration of historical monuments. Menderes noted that until today Antalya tourism developed mainly expense of the sea, the sun and the beach, and now the work will focus on the development of cultural, recreational and sports tourism.

Menderes Tyurel by going to the theme of relations with Russia, admitted that occurred in 2015 political issues influenced tourism undoubtedly. But he expressed confidence that relations with Russia are strong, and all the problems will be overcome. «11 thousand Russian citizens have moved to our beautiful city, created families, started their business. Restriction of rights to freedom of movement and travel is limit of fundamental rights. Tourism is a sector of the piece, he needs peace between the countries, but he also contributes to its maintenance. No matter what country it is, we are committed to democracy, peace and humanity. Antalya is city of piece. Our hospitality in our culture, our traditions, and it will always be so. «