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Turkey – a country for investment

First of December in Antalya, held a regular meeting of the Society of Industrialists and Businessmen. It was attended by Secretary General of the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and a board member Jean Notter (Jan Nöther). In his speech, he provided information on the cooperation of businessmen of Turkey and Germany. In particular, he noted that in Turkey 6 500 German companies are active today. At the same time in Germany 90 thousand Turkish companies are giving 450-500 thousand workplaces. German companies annually invest in the economy of Turkey to 500-600 milliard Euro. Jean Notter stressed the need to increase investment, since the Turkish industry is ahead of the industry in many European countries and aims to great results. By 2023, Turkey aims to become one of 10 countries with the most developed economies. The report by Jean Notter also noted that Turkey's geographical location, the young generation and labor - the benefits to increase the investing in Professional and Technical education in the country. Notter as Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce expressed its readiness to fully support and advice in financial terms for entrepreneurs and companies. Chairman of the Society of Industrialists and Businessmen, Muharrem Koç, in reply, emphasized the importance of the trade volume between Turkey and Germany, he expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation in the field of tourism and real estate, in particular, supported the need for further research on economy fusion.

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