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Natural gas in Antalya

According to reports, the municipality of Antalya, in the city today held 168 km of natural gas. And if before in Antalya fierce winter (it's a joke) people basked in heaters or under-conditioned, it is now more and more houses are opting for the natural gas itself. And no wonder: in the words of the gas companies of natural gas in the apartment guarantees comfort and savings of 40%. 1 m3 of gas is 0,965 Turkish liras (0,430 dollars). On average, according to the gasman, a family of 4 people, living in an apartment of 125 m 3 (a 3 + 1) spends 780 m3 per year. Those. 753 lira per year and less than 70 lira ($ 31) - per month. Very, very sparingly. So, suppose that you have decided to buy an apartment in Antalya and plan to live in it permanently. Well, do not freeze during snowstorms (again a joke). Gas held in 90% of the Konyaalti and 60% of the territory of Lara. Those. if you choose an apartment in Antalya, most likely under the road near your home already has a gas entry. If the gas entry is there, but the gas in the house had not yet carried out, and the tenants are going to vote for or against the gas. For the gas to the house need a 51% consonants. After this is done by layering gas line to the house. And then laid pipes to each apartment. The total cost divided by the number of apartments. In our experience, the price of this operation for one apartment varies from 200 lira ($ 90) to 1,000 lira ($ 450). But now more and more for sale exhibited complexes already held in the house with gas. For example this one. When the gas in the house is, the residents of each apartment are thinking exactly how they want to use the gas and public areas. Cause different companies harness gas in the apartment, to discuss the plan, make estimates and traded. The prices depend on how many meters of pipes will be used, what kind of boiler you choose how many and which brands of batteries will be installed in your apartment, etc. On average, apartment 2 + 1 on the condition of the gas in all rooms of the apartment price will be about 3000 Lear (1350 dollars). How do our customers, who have already spent gas in their apartments, and most importantly - quality boiler. The boiler, by the way, are usually installed on the balconies - it is practical and reliable. To get the service number and the counter of gas in your name you need to pay 360 lira ($ 160). Provision of gas to the house takes about 2 days, the apartment - 2-3 days. But we do have suggestions for finches, who do not want to waste their time to conduct the gas into the apartment: the complexes, where the total heating system will be made on the project, ie, the developer will set and the boiler, and the Battery (Combi). For example this one or this one. In general, plans to move to Antalya frosty nothing more to fear. Here you will warm not only the local people smile and sun, but also natural gas in your home :).

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