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79 nations in the Mediterranean town

Once Alanya was called «little Germany». But in recent years the situation has changed dramatically, and now on the cozy streets of Alanya you can meet representatives of the most diverse countries and cultures.
According to statistics, real estate in Alanya belongs to the citizens of 79 countries. Total foreign owners of apartments and villas already 39 000. prestavlyayuschie, 39,000 foreigners  for the rest, permanent residence or a profitable investment property was chosen in Alanya!
In the first place are Russians.  6461 city real estate objects belongs to russians. The second place is occupied by Norway — 5850 apartments and houses in Alanya. But the Germans are in third place — in 4893 the German owners of the objects. Therefore Alania already can not be considered a «small Germany», now she fits the name «City of the World».